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I fell in love with this song and videoclip when I first heard it (and I don’t even like rap). Maybe it’s because I could identify myself with it, or maybe it was because it understood me.
Funny how it’s similar to falling in love with someone. I guess that only proves how important music is.

Today I was robbed in the subway. It wasn’t the first time, but it was scary nonetheless.
As the man approached me, he started to make small talk, but never going away. As I tried approaching the people in the subway station, to see if he went away, he laughed really loud and just sat next to me, saying that with or without people around, things would develop in the same way. In the end, he took 10€ from me and left at a random station, all of this in front of everyone.
I wasn’t really expecting a reaction from someone to help me, I’m pretty sure that if I was one of the people seeing the robbery, I would try to ignore it too, because I would be afraid… But it’s in moments like this where I see the nature of our world.
The ultimate objective of a human being is survival. There are human beings that put this objective aside to help others, they are known as heroes, but as a consequence of not prioritizing their existence, there are few.
“What happens to someone else is someone else’s business”
At the eyes of someone else we are someone else, and what happens to us, fair or unfair, it is something we have to deal with, knowing that outside help is far from reachable.

That’s the conclusion I came up with. It was a rather productive day to say the least.

Getting robbed is bad, be careful out there.

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